Our Family

Photos and a bit about each of us

Photo of Charlie

Charlie Petitt

I am the webmaster of The Oo Kingdom and have written nearly all of the articles on it. My other interests include music, running, cooking, and photography. As a runner, I have run a few shorter races and am currently training for my first half marathon on April 20, 2013.

I perform music quite regularly at an Open Mic at Mocha Moment, a local coffee shop. I also play keyboard for the Riverside Ramblers, a group of seniors who play at local nursing homes. Wendi (below) also sings in the group. I have done some recording and released a full-length music CD in 2007. You can find my official music site at charliepetitt.com.

I am employed by Woodman’s Food Market in Janesville, Wisconsin, where I am a utility clerk.

Photo of Wendi

Wendi Petitt

My wife (since 1982!) does volunteer work at two different locations. She is also a crafter who does some lovely embroidery. You can see some of her work at her Petitt’s Creations website. For this site, she has proofread articles and given useful advice; she also suggested the Ummamum angel and title for our inspirational section, A Heavenly Ummamum.

Photo of Joe & Elizabeth

Joe & Elizabeth Petitt

Our son married his wife on July 23, 2011; they both attend Crossroads College in Rochester, Minnesota. Joe also works at Target. In what little spare time remains, he enjoys a variety of music, movies and anime; hanging out with friends; online networking, gaming, and drawing.