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  1. Sweet Kid Stories
  2. OLD
  3. Diary of a Blonde Newlywed
  4. The Toothbrush Story
  5. Things I’ve Learned From My Children
  6. A Blonde’s Mom
  7. Woohoo
  8. Packers vs. Vikings
  9. The Fan
  10. Reasons Why The English Language Is Hard To Learn
  11. Not So Divine Nun
  12. The Secret to a Good Marriage
  13. New Virus
  14. Auction Time
  15. Dogs Joke
  16. Children… Too Funny
  17. Helloooooooo
  18. Another Blonde Joke
  19. The Unique Breakfast
  20. Where Is God?
  21. The Three Little Pigs
  22. Idiots
  23. Forrest Goes To Heaven
  24. McDonald’s
  25. The Redhead
  26. The Beauty of Earth
  27. Feeling Low and Unwanted
  28. The Lotto
  29. Van Gogh’s Relatives
  30. Incorrect E-mail Address
  31. Quotable Quotes
  32. Truck Driver Humor
  33. Marriage Advice From Kids
  34. 51 Days
  35. The Lone Ranger and Tonto
  36. Blondes: Ya Gotta Love Them
  37. Cleaning My Cat
  38. New Study on Dieting
  39. The Coffin
  40. The Vet
  41. The Killer Biscuit
  42. Never Underestimate a Woman
  43. Jesus is Watching
  44. Dead Rabbit and the Blonde
  45. Blonde Men Joke
  46. My Job History
  47. King Arthur and the Witch
  48. A Little Random Humor
  49. Stories That Can Be Told in Church
  50. It’s the Way You Hear It
  51. Naked
  52. The Spanish Computer
  53. Creation
  54. Eight Jokes

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