Category: Wendi (Salvation)

Wendi told me on Tuesday, December 28, that she was not really saved. She had prayed for salvation as a teenager, “because everyone else was doing it.” She had expressed doubts about her salvation before, but only when she was in a depressed state. This time she was in a right mind. She wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible—even before the end of the year.

Wendi handed me the Bible the next evening (Wednesday, December 29) and asked me to show her how to be saved. She was confused and could not remember any of the Scriptures. So I showed her Scriptures from the book of Romans as well as from Hebrews 9, John 3, Ephesians 2 and II Corinthians 5. Finally she prayed and asked Christ to come into her heart and “clean out the cobwebs.” Immediately the confusion was gone.

On Thursday, December 30, our pastor, Dave Fremstad, came to the house to talk and read some Scriptures. We talked about baptism, and he prayed with us. Wendi will be baptized at church Sunday morning.

Categories: Charlie and Wendi (Sickness)

Wendi fell sick with a cold that developed into bronchitis, right before Christmas. I (Charlie) caught the cold myself. Luckily it didn’t get very bad, but it was worst on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when my voice dropped to a deep bass and my nose ran a lot.

Wendi is nearly over her bronchitis now. Her doctor “piggybacked” two antibiotics because the first one wasn’t doing the job. And I am over my cold now. Only Joe did not get sick this time around (thank goodness).

Category: Seasonal (Christmas)

Our Holiday was a humble but good one. The day before was spent in the kitchen: I baked three pies and prepared a turkey dinner for Christmas Eve at home. We attended a brief candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve, before dinner. During (and after) dinner we watched A Christmas Story on television; then I cleaned house, and Joe wrapped presents for others in our family.

Christmas morning at home was simple and fun. We had only a few small gifts for each other, but we were happy and thankful, since many people have nothing at all. And the few gifts we gave each other meant a lot.

We enjoyed sweet snacks and Jamaican coffee for breakfast. During the midday we went to my brother’s house about 20 miles away, where the rest of the family gathered for a gift exchange and potluck dinner. It was very nice. Joe’s deviled eggs (his new culinary specialty) made a big hit.

Category: Seasonal (Weather)

Last week’s very cold temperatures (as low as -6 Fahrenheit early Friday morning, December 24) gave way to very mild temperatures this week. It was 54 Fahrenheit late Thursday night, December 30. The snow lasted through Christmas but melted away on Monday, December 27. Rain is expected on New Year’s Day and the day after (Sunday).

And by the way, so far the furnace is working fine.