Following are the updates I promised about a month ago. The music CD is finished now, so updates should be more timely in the future.

Charlie: Eye treatments; death of an aunt; music CD completed

I (Charlie) had laser surgery on both eyes for glaucoma in 2006: the right eye was done on May 31, the left on June 12. Pressures are now normal, and the migraines I was experiencing stopped after the laser treatments, indicating that the glaucoma was causing them (the doctors said that this was unusual but not impossible). I am still on eye drops (Travatan) at bedtime, to keep the pressures normal.

Charlie’s aunt, Joyce Roth, passed away just before Thanksgiving.

Charlie’s music CD, entitled Umm…, was completed as of December 24 at 2:32 a.m. So far, 20 pre-release copies of the album have been given away to family and close friends. Actual release is tentatively set for February 20, 2007, as certain details remain to be worked out.

Update [February 19, 2007]: Several delays have occurred. Tentative release date is now set for March 20, 2007.

Wendi: Tests for Huntington’s; cataract surgery; fall in December

Wendi saw Dr. Montgomery at UW Hospital & Clinics in Madison on August 24 to be tested for possible Huntington’s Disease. An MRI scan was run on September 8; it returned normal, leaving only a 20% chance that she is developing the disease. A PET scan was run on November 27; it also returned normal, indicating only a very slight chance that Wendi will get the disease. But this is still not 100% conclusive, the doctor told her on her most recent visit on January 2, 2007. The tremors she experiences may be what is known as “essential tremor”, or they may be side effects of some of her medications; at this point one cannot be certain which is the cause. She may return to the doctor in a year for reassessment and possible retesting.

Wendi had cataract surgery on the left eye on October 25; the right eye was done on November 20.

Wendi had a dizzy spell and fell on December 3, hurting her head, right knee and right arm. She is currently undergoing therapy on the arm. During 2006 she suffered from migraines and problems with the left elbow.

Joe: CIY summer trip; fall and winter illnesses

Joe went to the Christ In Youth “Know Sweat” service project with the church youth group from June 19 through June 23, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Joe had a sinus infection around September 19 and another around December 20. He came down with the stomach flu around January 10, 2007, and it lasted for about three days. Currently he is suffering from a viral throat infection.

Joe’s birthday party on Sunday, January 14 (three days before his actual birthday) was a great success, featuring video games and homemade pizza from scratch. A total of fifteen people attended.

Cats: All four doing well

Chrissy came back to reclaim her cat, Nermal, on June 23. She was returned to us on July 14, this time for keeps. Nermal’s vet visit on October 23 showed her doing fine. She is a fairly large grey cat, weighing a tad over 11 pounds (5 kilograms).

Shadow is about the same weight as Nermal; her last vet visit was October 27. Stormy, who last saw the vet October 31, weighs just over 8 pounds (just under 4 kilograms). Sunny is also doing well and is still big, about 13 pounds (6 kilograms).

Family: Hosted youth groups; Holidays; memorable year to come

We hosted two youth group activities at our house during the summer: Campus Life on July 24 and Roxbury Church of Christ on August 16. Wendi and Joe helped with Vacation Bible School from August 6–10; some of Joe’s friends also helped some of the nights.

The Holidays were fun with family and friends. We spent part of Christmas Day at Charlie’s niece’s house, and the evening was spent at the home of one of Wendi’s friends. On New Year’s Day we hosted a small get-together at our house, complete with a buffet lunch and a dessert table. The Phase 10 card game was a lot of fun.

The New Year of 2007 promises to be memorable: Joe graduates from high school this spring, and Charlie and Wendi will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on October 16.