Last Saturday (August 25) we took our son, Joe, to Crossroads College in Rochester, Minnesota, where he is now attending his first semester of college. It is a Christian college, and he is majoring in Youth and Family Ministries with hopes of becoming a youth pastor in a church. We drove four hours to get there and then moved him in, with help from some of the other students who were very nice. On Sunday, we met him for church, then took him to lunch and shopping, then bid him a painful goodbye before making the trip back to Janesville.

Wendi’s uncle passed away Sunday night at 9 p.m. after a long battle with Huntington’s Disease. We drove three-and-a-half hours to Green Bay on Wednesday for the funeral which was on Thursday. There was a luncheon after the funeral, after which we came home, arriving Thursday evening. So we drove about 1000 miles in less than a week—a lot for someone who rarely leaves the home city.

Adding to the mix, two of our cats began fighting on August 4, so we have had to separate them by keeping the orange male (Sunny) in the bathroom and only letting him out once or twice a day. Joe’s friend, who lives with us, has been quite helpful with him. On top of all of this, I (Charlie) am still working on cleaning up one of my songs for the radio release (I’ll report on that when it’s ready).

Now here’s the kicker for me: my dad passed away six years ago today from stomach cancer. Is this lousy timing, or what?