Charlie Petitt CD Cover

The official release date for the new self-titled CD is October 16, but it went online at this morning. Only the “Slim Edition” is currently available; it comes in a slim jewel case with a two-sided insert and disc label. The full retail edition (“Standard”) won’t be out for a couple of weeks yet, through another source. It should be available on sometime in November.

(The order form was removed once the full retail edition went online.)

Umm… has remained online at CD Baby all this time, but it hasn’t sold a single unit despite the price reduction to $7.00, so it’s coming down just as the new one (which contains all the same songs but sounds a lot nicer) goes up.

Charlie’s single, “Noxious Fumes,” was released to radio on September 19 by Danie Cortese Entertainment Inc. The publicity firm is located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but they do business worldwide. As a result of the radio promotion, two music directors—one in Italy and one in England—have requested the CD. Both were mailed yesterday.

Charlie will share his original songs in concert, including some selections from his CD, on Saturday, October 20 at 3 pm at Roxbury Road Church of Christ in Janesville, Wisconsin, immediately following a 25th Anniversary Open House for him and his wife, Wendi.