Our Cats

Furry friends who live with us

Alas, these cats are all gone now. This “hidden” page is old and remains here for archival purposes.

Photo of Shadow


Our grey-and-white female cat was born on February 7, 2003. She is very affectionate, loving and caring. Though she may not always show it, she still is. She is just the kind of cat one loves to cuddle with and sleep with at night.

Photo of Sunny


Our long-haired, orange-and-white male cat was born about July 22, 2003. He is a large, muscular cat (nearly 14 pounds), but he’s a gentle giant. He is fun to watch and has an odd, distinctive meow.

Sunny is a warm and affectionate cat but also the biggest troublemaker—he likes to get into things! His favorite way to get on our nerves is by licking plastic bags.

Photo of Stormy


Our third cat—black, silver and brown with tiger stripes—was born about June 6, 2004. She is a little cat with a strong voice and a nasty hiss! But she is absolutely adorable. She has a singsongy meow and will exchange meows with you for minutes on end, if you care to join her!