What’s Next in the Christian Walk

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, there are several things you need to do to enhance your personal relationship or “walk” with the Lord. On this page, I will list a few of those things; the list is by no means complete but may help get you started.

  1. Be baptized and join a good church. Baptism should immediately follow a decision to accept Christ. This was certainly the custom in the early church.

    Baptism shows to the world, before God, your commitment in following Jesus Christ. Though some churches “sprinkle” a person with water in baptism, the Biblical way is to immerse, or put all the way under the water. The Greek word baptizo, from which we get the word “baptize,” means “to immerse.” And it’s a perfect picture of what Jesus did for us: when you go down into the water, it signifies His death and burial; when you come back out of the water, it signifies His resurrection. Most evangelical churches require baptism as a prerequisite for church membership.

  2. Get a good Bible and read it regularly. Most of the Scripture quoted on this site is from the King James Version (1611), which is an excellent translation except that the English is somewhat outdated. Even at that, much of it is easy to understand. Another good and popular translation is the New International Version (1978, 1984, 2011). The New American Standard Version, the Revised Standard Version, and the New King James Version are all good, and there are others too. Most of the wording in these Bibles is similar but not identical, due to various renderings of the Hebrew and Greek texts from which they are translated. There are also minor differences in those texts, but not enough to compromise any major Biblical doctrine.

    The point of all this is, just get a good Bible and start reading! God inspired holy men of old to write His word as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, so you and I could learn the ways of God and how to improve our daily living. It’s amazing how relevant such an old book is to our lives today.

  3. Pray every day. Talk to God in prayer. It doesn’t have to be a fancy, “liturgical” prayer. Just talk to Him in conversational style, as a friend. After all, He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother! Praise Him for His greatness, love and mercy. Thank Him for salvation and for providing daily needs. Ask Him for strength and guidance in your life. Pray for others who are lost and need Jesus in their lives.

    Jesus gives a discourse on prayer in Matthew 6:5–15. This passage includes the famous, but often misused, “Lord’s Prayer.” Jesus didn’t intend this prayer to be used, word for word, as something to repeat, but as a model for us to follow as we pray from our own hearts. I urge you to study this passage in your own Bible.

  4. Find a good Bible believing church and attend regularly.

    You may want to visit several churches before making a choice. And most of all, pray about it. But once you get into one, get active (a little at a time, so you don’t “burn out”).

  5. Tell others about your salvation through Jesus Christ. Your own personal testimony can do wonders for perking up others’ interest in the Savior.

  6. Live a good Christian life so others will see Jesus in you.