Our Family

Photos and a bit about each of us

Photo of Charlie

Charlie Petitt

Photo taken in 2017

I am the webmaster of The Oo Kingdom and have written nearly all of the articles on it. My other interests include music, running, cooking, and photography. As a runner, I have run over 20 races, from 5K to a full marathon.

As a musician, I use the stage name Kharlie M (with a silent h). My official website is kharlie.com. Among other things, the site includes a photo gallery, a running log, and a recipe for my signature cappuccino.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I performed music quite regularly at an Open Mic at Mocha Moment, a local coffee shop. I have done some recording and have released several CDs, most recently Come On, Kharlie M in 2018.

I retired from Woodman’s Food Market in Janesville, Wisconsin in 2019, after 22 years of service.

Wendi and Stormy

Wendi Petitt

Photo taken in 2017

My wife (since 1982!) volunteers at a local hospital. She has also done some lovely craft work which can be seen at her Petitt’s Creations website. For this site, she has proofread articles and given useful advice; she also suggested the Ummamum angel and title for our inspirational section, A Heavenly Ummamum. Having grown up in Green Bay, she is an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers.

Our cat, Stormy, is the only one remaining of four that once lived here. Born in 2004, she is a friendly, vibrant cat with a loud, persistent, musical meow. She is adorable! She will exchange meows with you for minutes on end, if you care to join her.

Our son, Joe, lives in Minnesota with his wife and daughter.