Some Thoughts About the Holidays

by Wendi Petitt — December 17, 2005

It seems like everyone, every year, gets so stressed out. Everyone tries to outdo what they did last year, and the kids are asking for more and more things like computers, video games and cell phones. It seems that when I was a child, we didn’t have things like cell phones and a lot of the stuff they have now. But one thing that never changes is that some children do not get anything for Christmas!

No matter how hard it is for a parent that doesn’t have the greatest job in the world, they have to tell their children on Christmas morning they just could not afford anything because the money just was not there. They try to get their children to understand. That is hard because their little hearts are just broken. There are those people that mean to do something nice by getting gifts for the poor children. Also there are people in the church that are more than willing with all their hearts to get gifts for children that have parents that are in prison, to just make it a very Merry Christmas for those children.

When I was a child I was raised by foster parents, and we got gifts from our foster parents. Then we would visit our natural parents, and because they were so hard up, we would get stuff from the agencies that helped the poor. We didn’t always get stuff we wanted, but at least I got to spend time with my mom and my brothers and sisters. Now though I haven’t had much contact with them. They just don’t care about each other anymore.

One thing I am really glad about is that I have this family today. I have a very wonderful husband, a terrific son and an awesome young lady that calls me “Mom.” There are also many other young people that call me “Mom.” But the best thing in my life is that Jesus lives in my heart!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!