What is the Oo Kingdom?

An overview of this site

What’s it all about?

The first question I get asked whenever I tell someone that we have this website is, “What’s it all about?” or “What’s on it?” Often I am stumped and will answer, “Well… a lot of different stuff…” and then try to describe it as best I can.

It all started back in the year 2000, when our family first got Internet access; a lot of people were getting it then, but not many had websites. And this was before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even MySpace (remember MySpace?). Generally, if anyone wanted their own website, they would have to build it themselves.

Our site began as a small collection of pages revolving around our own interests: faith, humor, recipes, photography, website design. There were news posts about the site and our family, resembling a blog; a section of essays and stories followed, then pages devoted to holidays, metric conversion tools, and weather observations.

While the rest of the Internet continues to evolve, and most people suffer from “information and advertising overload,” we have chosen to keep this site fairly simple yet diverse, homespun, and free of advertising; consequently our audience is quite small, but that’s okay. Take some time to browse and enjoy our pages… or bookmark us and return later.

What is Oo?

Oo (pronounced in two syllables, as “OO-oo”)
  1. A nickname of a little boy who imitated the sound of a cuckoo clock.
  2. The name of the “kingdom” represented by this website.

Oo-Related Pages

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