Green Bay Victorious in Super Bowl XLV

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Green Bay Packers pulled off an exciting 31–25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Dallas tonight to win Super Bowl XLV.

The Packers dominated the game in the first half, being ahead 21–3 shortly before halftime. Just before halftime, the Steelers made a touchdown, making the score 21–10.

The Steelers dominated the third quarter, bringing the score to 21–17 on another touchdown. In the fourth quarter, Green Bay showed signs of life again with another touchdown. Pittsburgh one-upped them with a touchdown of their own and a two-point conversion. Finally, the Packers drove down the field again, hoping for a touchdown but settling for a field goal. The score was now 31–25, and only two minutes were left in the game. Pittsburgh was unable to get a first down, so Green Bay got the ball back with 49 seconds left. It was all over; the Pack had won their fourth Super Bowl!

A moment later, a Fox TV announcer asked Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings how he felt about winning the Super Bowl. “It’s a great day to be great, baby,” was his reply. Then he added, “To God be the glory,” elaborating on how he and his teammates translated their nervousness and excitement into the game. Later, when the Lombardi Trophy was presented to the team, quarterback Aaron Rodgers remarked, “Our coach’s trophy is going home.” For anyone unaware, the trophy is named after Vince Lombardi, the legendary Green Bay coach under whose leadership the team won their first two world championships in the 1960s.

Normally, a post on a sports event would never make The Oo Kingdom, but this one is different: we live in Wisconsin and are avid Packer fans. Wendi, especially, being born and raised in Green Bay herself, is a dyed-in-the-wool Packer fan. Diss the team in her presence, and you’re asking for epic trouble.