Ummley Makes His Debut

Thursday, February 17, 2011

In a recent post, I gave an update on my music progress; in that update, I mentioned “a stage name yet to be announced (only 10 people know about it so far).” Obviously, the title of this post gives the name away. Oh, and I gave two nice elderly ladies a spoiler at lunch yesterday, so that makes 12 people who knew in advance.

Ummley logo

Last night, at Mocha Moment (a local coffeehouse), I revealed the new name at the semimonthly Open Mic Night. I made a sign which I hung on the front of the keyboard. Greg Winkler, who hosts the show, joked, “Most of you here probably thought you knew his name. Apparently not!”

The songs I performed from the keyboard were quite diverse. Only the last two were written by me.

  1. The Holy City (hymn)
  2. Tomorrow (Donnie Owens, 1958)
  3. Joy to the World (Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog; Three Dog Night, 1971)
  4. You Decorated My Life (Kenny Rogers, 1979)
  5. Hopelessly in Love (mine, 1993, recorded in 2007)
  6. My Hometown (mine, 2010, first performed at this session)

The last song was a big hit. Greg asked me to perform it again on April 6, when the session will be recorded and some performances will be posted online. I’ll have more details on this later.