The Oo Kingdom Cover Picture Archive

On the Oo Kingdom Home page, just to the right of the title logo, we used to display a picture, about 150 by 200 pixels in size, and its caption would appear below and to the left of it. We called this our cover picture, just like a picture you would find on the cover of a magazine.

A new cover picture replaced the old one every 10 to 12 days or so. The pictures and captions are archived on this page.

Flags and tree

10/24/01* — Store merchants around the city share their messages of patriotism and support. See Autumn Splendor 2001 for photographs of flags and signs as well as fall colors and Halloween displays.

*This was the first cover picture ever to appear on the Oo Kingdom.

Sky Blue Pink

“Sky Blue Pink” is how I like to describe scenes like this one, taken at dusk on November 4, 2001. Alas, the sun has set on The Oo Kingdom.* Enjoy the new Ummamum, and check out the site news.

*This message appeared when our site was called Ummamum’s World, and it was at

Learn about A Confusion of Site Moves

Gorgeous sunset

Mild November weather and gorgeous sunsets have been the rule, but now colder weather has set in.

The Oo Kingdom (pronounced OO-oo) is online again, as of November 16 at 11 p.m. We hope you’ll find it better than ever this time.
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Morning sky ablaze

November 26, 2001 — 6:48 a.m.
The morning sky is ablaze with color, and some of our pages may be too!* See our site news page for details.

Christmas is coming! Look for new pictures in Ummamum’s Picture Place later this week.

*Page colors in the main section of the Oo Kingdom would change several times each day.

Christmas lights

About the Cover Photo
12/04/01 — This Janesville home is all lit up for the holidays. Too bad you can only see part of it here.

See the whole thing on Ummamum’s Picture Place. Hopefully, more photos will follow soon.

Trimming the tree

About the Cover Photo
12/13/01 — Joe hangs a Year 2001 dated ornament on the Christmas tree, carrying on our family tradition.

Take time this year, as you observe and enjoy your special traditions, to think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Happy New Year

1/2/02 — It’s a whole new year. Now that the holiday is over, how will we use the time before us? And what events will happen this year to impact life on Planet Earth? Do you suppose people will actually learn to get along???

First snow

1/16/02 — Winter has finally arrived in Janesville. The season’s first significant snowfall came today: about three inches of fresh snow.

Car buried in snow

1/31/02 — After two weeks of very mild weather, winter has returned with 4.8 inches of new snow. Janesville schools experienced a one-hour delay this morning.
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Latest snowfall

2/26/02 — The Winter That Almost Wasn’t continues to surprise us with another rare, occasional snow. This one gave us 1.5 inches. Colder weather is on the way.

(No Picture)
3/3/02 — THE OO KINGDOM IS NOW BLANKETED by 6.6 inches of new snow which fell Friday and Saturday. Bitter cold is expected Sunday night with a low near zero. More snow is likely on Monday, but temperatures may reach 40° by Wednesday.

Steam over the Rock River

March 4, 2002: BRRRRR!
Here’s a sight unseen all winter until now: steam over the Centerway dam at the Rock River. It was 8° below zero (unofficial) this morning. Today’s record cold will give way to 40° weather by Wednesday.