Ummamum's Kingdom

September 11, 2001 - An unspeakable tragedy unfolded this morning as three hijacked airliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City and also the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Many thousands of innocent people were massacred in what was termed "an act of war". Air traffic across our nation was grounded for a full day. Financial markets were closed. Military security went on the highest possible state of alert. President George W. Bush addressed the American people, assuring us that whoever perpetrated this terrible act would be hunted down and made an example.

In respect for the seriousness of these events, as well as those whose lives were lost in this catastrophe, this page will replace our home page for a few days. Please click here to enter Ummamum's Kingdom and to read "What's New" on our sites.


Locally, public reaction has been mixed. People were generally appalled, shocked; but some were in a state of near panic on Tuesday. A few grocery shoppers stocked up on canned goods, much as in the days preceding the Year 2000. Long lines formed at local gas stations; some arguing and fist-fighting were reported. Rumors of an imminent sharp increase in gas prices spread quickly; the most common story was "$5 a gallon by tomorrow morning." I asked workers at the local Marathon station about it; one of them told me, "I spoke with my manager this evening, and he said there was nothing to worry about."