Charlie’s Music and Three Weddings

Posted here March 29, 2022

Website Makeover

On Thursday, February 2, a new version of the official music website was revealed (Version 3).

The newly rebuilt website is dedicated to my mama, Illa Petitt (1923–2005) who, among other things, taught me the value of love, loyalty, good music, and coffee. She passed away 12 years ago today. (Posted at 11:28 am)

Music Shows in 2017

Charlie played his first solo gig at Rock Haven nursing home on Tuesday, March 28; this became a monthly event. Other shows are detailed below:

My show at Voigt was a blast! Thanks to all who came out! Dave did a wonderful job with the sound. My set of 23 songs included originals and covers, including two covers of local artists, which I was honored to do.
(Posted to Kharlie M at 11:43 pm)

Three Weddings

Original song used in one of them

Saturday, August 26, 2017: Traveled to Green Bay for a wedding; it was Wendi’s niece, Laura. I provided the music on a CD which included my own “Wedding Day.” I also took the wedding photos, which I later burned to CD and sent to the couple. We stayed overnight with a friend and came home the next day.

“Wedding Day” from 2011 was used in a wedding in Green Bay this weekend, during the pouring of the sand to show unity. It went beautifully, as did the whole ceremony.
(Posted to Kharlie M at 10:33 pm Sunday)

Saturday, October 7, 2017: Another wedding: this time it was Matt Porter (Charlie’s step-nephew) and Amy Muth, in Whitewater, WI. We got to see some family members whom we don’t get to see often.

Saturday, October 14, 2017: Another niece, Kassy Stuart, was married to Mike Oliveira. We were unable to attend, but the wedding was beautiful.