Charlie’s Weird Dream

Monday, August 16, 2021
Not posted until December 31, 2021

I had a weird dream ending at 8:58 am: Wendi and I were at a large mall (like Apache Mall in Rochester, MN) that had a food court. Wendi went back to the vehicle, and I was to meet her in a few minutes. For some reason, we had our cat, Stormy, in the shop with us (maybe a coffee shop?), and she started fussing because her collar was too loose, and she had a front paw caught in it (this recently happened in real life). I got her paw loose from it, then looked for a tool to use to tighten the collar, because my nails were too short to do the job.

My search took me next door; I finally found something to use, but when I got back to Stormy, she was gone. Now human, her parents had taken her along with an older brother; both were in baby strollers. I was told that they had taken her to the bagel place, so I started up the food court toward the bagel shop. Then I realized that my vision was blurry; I felt where my glasses should be, and they weren’t there, so I went back to the coffee shop which was now closed.

An older lady met me at the door, and I explained my situation. She looked puzzled because she could see that I was, in fact, wearing glasses. I reached for them and now found them there. Then I motioned to show how I had searched for them before, and voila! I now pulled off a SECOND pair of glasses. “Whoa,” I exclaimed, “No wonder I couldn’t see straight. This would make me farsighted instead of nearsighted, and the astigmatism would be off opposite to what it normally is!” Then I woke up and started laughing hysterically.