July 1, 2003

Two pages make their debut in Just For Laughs. Enjoy!

  1. Shorts 2003
  2. Never Underestimate a Woman

July 3, 2003

Version 9 of the Oo Kingdom is now complete.

July 5, 2003

Fixed a print bug in Internet Explorer 6; also fixed text color problem on table captions and form field legends. Gave the table captions italicized text. Corrected inconsistencies in the various style sheets as well. The result is Version 9.01.

Cat’s Meow

Recently we acquired a kitten named Shadow. Like any cat, she can’t speak English; the only word she knows is “Meow.” But you can tell what she means by the way she says it. If she just wants attention, she says it in a high-pitched voice, as if she is asking a question. But if she is hungry or thirsty, she belts it out with an attitude; she puts a little bit of “R” into it, like this: “Mraaaow!”

One day, I (Charlie) made this comment: “I think it’s an acronym—MRAO.” “What’s that?” my wife asked. I replied, “Meal Request; All Out.”

July 6, 2003

Joe has opened up another new satellite site: Starscream’s Turnabout, devoted to the Transformers TV action series. The site is still under initial construction.

NOTE: Joe’s site is no longer online. The domain was sold to a reseller in October 2007.

July 7, 2003

I’m in the process of moving our Access Keys information from the bottom of the page content to the bottom of the menu. This means editing every page again, so this will be Version 9.1.

July 10, 2003

Major debugging and refining of our custom settings has just taken place. The second paragraph of What is the Oo Kingdom? has received an important update. We are now into Version 9.2.

July 13, 2003

I believe I am finished with developing the custom settings for this site. The number of possibilities borders on the ridiculous, with the addition of several new layout options. There are now 8 × 26 × 22 × 4 × 12 × 13 = 2,855,424 possible combinations, although certainly not all of them will work well. But there should be something there for just about everyone. Enjoy!

July 20, 2003

Hopefully, Version 9.3 of our site will work smoothly, without the problems of previous versions. If so, that leaves us to focus on content!

July 22, 2003

Three pages in Metric Conversions, Etc. have grown:

Convert Units of Length
You can now convert feet, inches and fractions to any units.
Convert Units of Mass or Weight
You can now convert pounds, ounces and fractions to any units.
Fraction-to-Decimal Conversion Charts
Two more conversion charts have been added.

The Body Mass Index Calculator has been updated also.

Scoundrels on the Internet
Posted July 23, 2003

A spammer has been forging return addresses at ookingdom.com, apparently from at least two networks in Korea.

We do not engage in sending unsolicited commercial email (also known as spam). If you have received spam with an ookingdom.com return address, please check the header and report to the administrator of the network from which the email was actually sent. If you do not know how to do this, please see our links to helpful sites about spam.