As sung by Donnie Owens

This song is from 1958. It appeared on one of only three singles he recorded. The music is a slow dance, with a choral backup and some lovely harmonic progressions and key changes.

My older siblings had this 45 when I was a kid. I wanted to find this song and learn it to perform at coffee shops and stuff, so I was delighted when I found a video of this song on YouTube. The audio was excellent. The voice, melody, lyrics and background music brought tears to my eyes.

Tomorrow I’ll be more than blue
Each lonely day my love for you grows
Like the waves on a raging sea
Tomorrow while I’m by myself
I’ll dream of days before you left
My tortured soul full of misery

I can’t face the future without you
I’ve nothing to look forward to
I’ll give all my tomorrows
For one yesterday with you

Tomorrow I’ll turn back the tide
Though it will just be in my mind
I’ll hold you close one more time