Oo’s Writings - Essays, Stories and Poetry by Charlie Petitt

These are the writings of Oo: personal, family, and site news, brief random musings, essays, stories, and poems. Oo is pronounced in two syllables (OO-oo); it was my nickname as a little boy, based on my imitation of a cuckoo clock. You can read more about it at How Oo Began.

A Little History

There was a separate News Archive from 2002 to early 2009; those posts now appear in this section, under News Archive for each year (except 2009, where the single page is on the normal menu).

All material in this section from 2005 and 2006 originally appeared on a separate site called Umm… He Said; the Music section was started there also. Those posts were added to this section on January 23, 2007.

Most original posts from 2009, and all original posts from 2010 through 2012, first appeared in a Journal section that later became part of The King’s Book. That section was moved into this one in early 2022.

A complete breakdown of which posts first appeared where, is available at this text document.

To make matters even more confusing, a flurry of old “news” posts were made in 2022; find them here.