Old “News” Posts

Posted March 11, 2022
Last Updated May 1, 2022

Anyone watching the Home page of The Oo Kingdom lately, may notice a lot of “news” posts, most of which are actually old news—some going back several years… and may wonder why this is happening. Here is my explanation:

In the early days of our website, I posted family news and pictures often. On at least two separate occasions, trouble resulted. In one instance, news reached a distant family member who should have received that news elsewhere. He was angry, not at me but at another family member; still, I felt responsible. In a second instance, I posted photos of another family member who didn’t want his picture posted online, anywhere. He announced this, of all times and places, at our family Christmas gathering; understandably, this upset me. I promptly removed the photos and was very careful about privacy after that. As time progressed, I became so overcautious that I would only post news about myself, my wife, or my son… and I would still ask permission from the others before posting anything at all.

Years passed, and social media became the customary place to share personal and family news. I stopped posting news on The Oo Kingdom altogether, except for news of site upgrades or an occasional longer account (like the Total Eclipse page) which I then shared on social media.

In early 2022, it dawned on me that our granddaughter, Asha, soon to be six years old, was never mentioned once on The Oo Kingdom! What grandfather doesn’t share the birth of his grandchild? This is when I realized that a real problem existed.

Enter the Petitt Family Journal, which I’ve dutifully kept on my computer since I’ve had a computer. I began reading old Journal entries, looking for things that should have been posted here. As of this writing, I’ve completed the posts from 2018 to present, but it appears that a lot of older posts are also missing. For example, Wendi’s oldest brother, Kenny, lived with us for over two months in 2015 and finally died at our house. The only mention of him was a partial sentence in this 2015 post, where he wasn’t even named. I accidentally slipped his name into this “new” 2018 post without explaining who he was.

It took some time to catch up on these old “news” posts; I finished the work on April 21, 2022. They are listed below. Once this was finished, a few new posts went up in the humor and inspirational sections.

A Listing of the Old “News” Posts