Green Bay Trip for Debbie’s Funeral

April 6–8, 2016
Posted here March 18, 2022

We drove from Janesville to Green Bay on Wednesday, April 6. We stayed with a friend in nearby Suamico. The visitation and funeral were on Thursday, April 7, at Blaney Funeral Home on Shawano Avenue in Green Bay. The visitation ran from 3 to 7 pm; all of Wendi’s siblings were there except John, who lives in Indiana. There were quite a few cousins there as well. There was food downstairs: ham sandwiches, chili with hot dogs, a fruit tray, veggie tray, chips, and cakes and cookies for dessert.

The funeral service (7 pm) ran about half an hour. It started with music, my own original “Thorns and Blossoms,” with no introduction, and ended with music, Bette Midler’s “The Rose.” There were tears shed during both songs. Debbie’s ex-husband shared some Scripture passages and stuff near the start of the service, then blessed the body with holy water after the last song. The chaplain from hospice spoke for the middle of the service. There were prayers including the “Our Father.”

The next day (Friday, April 8) we ate “lunch” at Bay View Family Restaurant in Green Bay (checkout, 12:20). We were in quite a hurry, as the burial was to begin at 12:30. Arriving there just before noon, they seated us, then took our order (which was breakfast: biscuits and gravy for Wendi, buttermilk pancakes with sausage for me). They had it ready in five minutes flat!

Leaving the restaurant, we found the cemetery entrance right across the street, so we arrived in plenty of time. They met in a building just to assemble, and then we drove in a procession to the gravesite. The pallbearers brought Debbie in the casket; then a female minister led in Catholic burial rites including the “Lord, have mercy.” Finally, they lowered the casket into the grave as everyone watched. There were lots of tears and lots of hugs.

The drive home went well. We ate an early dinner at Arby’s in Janesville (4:13), then arrived home at 5:04 pm; I had to be at work for 6:00.