More of Asha in 2016

Posted here March 18, 2022

Our Family Journal is very sketchy for some of these events, as I was too overwhelmed at the time to record much of anything. These accounts were written in 2022, based partly on photographs and financial records.

Our First Weekend Visit

February 27–28, 2016

Wendi and I drove from our home in Janesville, Wisconsin, to Winona, Minnesota (about four hours) to see Joe, Elizabeth, and baby Asha, who were living with Elizabeth’s parents, Tony and Teresa Ulbrech. We checked into Super 8 Winona, where we spent the night, then visited with the new family from sometime around 4 pm until past 7 pm, presenting gifts for the new baby. Of course, I (Charlie) took plenty of pictures. Later, we took Joe to dinner at a nearby Perkins restaurant while Elizabeth stayed home with Asha (checkout, 9:48).

On Sunday morning, Wendi and I had a late breakfast at McDonald’s (10:49 am), then headed back to the Ulbrechs’ for another visit. Shortly after 1:00, it started snowing. We had a nice visit and took more pictures. Joe suggested we go to Acoustic Cafe for lunch, so we did (checkout, 2:43). Back at the house, we stayed until about 6:00, then gassed up the van at a nearby Kwik Trip (6:08 pm) and headed home.

Day Trip with Alex

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Alex Jeffcoat, a friend of ours and Joe’s, came over on Friday evening to spend the night. We all had ice cream before bed; I got to bed at 1:38 am.

Up 7:33 am on Saturday. We had apple turnovers and coffee for breakfast. We got gas in Janesville at 9:40 am and in Winona at 9:22 pm. I took 28 photos on my mobile phone that are timestamped between 1:06 and 8:44 pm. The photos are of Joe, Elizabeth, Asha (who was wearing a cute bunny outfit), Alex, myself (Charlie), Wendi, and Spock (one of the cats), as well as food and gifts.

Asha’s Progress

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Elizabeth sent Wendi this photo of Asha, sitting up in a grocery cart by herself.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Asha was in church for the first time today, at First Covenant Church in River Falls, Wisconsin; there were a lot of photos on Facebook. People were there for Josh and Joy Jewell’s wedding reception.

Asha asleep

Asha fought sleep all through church then on the car ride home she was out.
(Posted by Joy Christine Jewell, August 14 @ 10:27 am)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Asha’s six month birthday

New words today: “excited” and “Pikachu” (Posted by Elizabeth Diane Petitt at 6:15 pm)

Asha apparently has quite a vocabulary for such a little one: see comment thread below, from screenshot.

Asha’s First Christmas—With Us

Joe, Elizabeth, and Asha came here for Christmas, arriving on the 24th and staying into the 26th. Wendi’s niece, Winter, was here December 23–26. Of course, there were plenty of gifts, especially for Asha: three old-style Fisher Price toys: a Corn Popper, a Chatter Telephone, and a Classic Xylophone… also a Pikachu hat, some outfits, and children’s books and videos. Kayla and Trey dropped in around noon on Christmas Day and visited for a short time.