Charlie’s Weird Space Dream

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Posted here March 18, 2022

Up 7:55 am after having a very weird dream. ~ It was in two parts. At first, I was in charge of getting some people off of a planet that we would have to blow up in order to save other planets and more people. Fourteen of us boarded a spaceship; Wendi sat to my right, and another lady sat to my left. I had to do some stuff right before takeoff and barely made it onto the ship in time. The seat was crowded, and I had to put one arm around Wendi and the other around the other lady so I could fit.

Soon we left the planet that would have to be blown up in less than three hours. We needed to put enough distance between ourselves and the planet to put us out of harm’s way. But then I learned that we had left something of vital importance on the planet’s surface; I had to go back myself and get it, then rejoin the ship.

On the planet’s surface was a large, four-story building which contained the colony of people; the atmosphere outside could not support human life. I was under the impression that few, if any, people had been left behind, but I was greeted by a large group of panicky colonists. When I asked how many there were, a teenage boy replied, “Four hundred and ninety-six.” I was appalled; I didn’t know what to say.

The item of vital importance was said to be on the fourth floor. Only the bottom three floors were normally used by the colonists; they said no one ever ventured onto the fourth floor because it was unsafe. I quickly went up there; what choice did I have? The fourth floor turned out to not be a complete floor but just a few rickety platforms jutting upward from the third floor, with the ceiling far above, and a row of tall windows facing outside.

The item in question was in a large wooden box that was only accessible from one platform that was particularly unstable. Carefully I climbed up there. I heard a voice inside the box; someone was hiding in there. The voice sounded like a young man, or perhaps even a teenage boy. I spoke to the voice and asked why he was hiding there, and if anything else was inside the box. No, there was nothing in there except him; he had been hiding there for years, ashamed because everyone else had made fun of him.

At length, I persuaded him to come out and show himself, promising that no one would make fun of him. Everyone else gathered around, some on more stable platforms nearby, and the rest on the third floor. The young man warned us to back up as he came out because he was dangerously large. We were all utterly amazed when out came a long dinosaur-like creature, in two parts! Now entirely outside the box, he plugged the two pieces of himself together. He was about nine feet tall and between 25 and 30 feet long, but light enough to float around the building. He clumsily ran his head, which was about two feet wide, smack into me at low speed before stopping. He knocked me back just a couple of feet and softly bounced away.

Now everyone understood the creature’s (young man’s?) problem, but no one made fun of him. We were all simply amazed. Now we had to get him (and everyone else if we could) away from the planet to safety. How would we accomplish this? I never found out, because it was just then that I awoke from the dream.