The Oo Kingdom Moves Forward

Posted Monday, August 29, 2016

OK, so I haven’t posted anything new (except weather) on this site in over a year—one year, two months, and 12 days, to be exact. The truth told, I was seriously considering closing the site down altogether; much of it is old, some is embarrassingly outdated and useless (like most of Web Design), and not only is my primary interest elsewhere, but frankly, I’m too busy with normal “life stuff” to manage The Oo Kingdom as I would like to.

Last month (July) I talked with my wife, Wendi, about closing down this site and moving whatever I would like to keep, to my music site at (link in last paragraph). A short while later, I mentioned this to my son, Joe. Both were okay with the change.

Yesterday morning, while making breakfast, it dawned on me that I had a wealth of audio material, in the form of cassette tapes, that I would like to share with the world, and especially with our new granddaughter. The tapes were recorded when I was young—some when I was a small child, and some during my teenage years—and they were known as “Oo tapes,” so named for the Oo club I ran during these years.

Years ago, I had considered sharing the Oo tapes, but the audio quality was so bad that at times it was hard to understand what was being said. The tone was sadly lacking on most of them, and there was a lot of tape hiss—all of these are common complaints with early cassette and open-reel tapes. But today, we have Audacity and digital processing, so I should be able to clean up much of the audio, at least improving it to the point of listenability, so sharing these treasures may become a reality. When this happens, they will go into the section of the site called “The King’s Book” which is where the permanent edition of this post resides. After all, you have heard of audiobooks, right?

So once again—changing very little—I will repeat the last paragraph of last year’s only post:

This website has been “in ruins” for quite some time. Design-wise, much of the site is still in older versions and also needs going over; some pages should be updated or rewritten entirely, while others serve no purpose anymore and should be removed. During the rest of 2016 (and maybe 2017), I plan to fix up the site. Check the Home page every now and again for updates, changes, or more news.

Progress so far: