God Speaks to Me Through a Lullaby

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Posted here February 17, 2022
Updated with later material March 8, 2022

Tonight, at home, I could hear the song “In My Arms” by Plumb playing upstairs. Joe and Elizabeth have used this song to calm Asha before bed since she was an infant. I had asked them the title of the song before but could never remember it later. Tonight, I heard the words “Waves will crash around” and looked it up on Google, landing on a lyric video on YouTube which I played in the kitchen. Soon I was in tears.

The song is basically a lullaby. It could be a mother (or father) talking to their child, telling them that no matter what happens, the child will be safe in his/her parent’s arms. Or it could be God telling that to us as His children. It is considered a Christian song, and it’s part of a 2007 lullaby album called Blink. There was a dance mix made of it that topped the dance chart.

This song spoke to me particularly this evening. I was troubled that Joe and Elizabeth moved in with us to begin with, because I knew that space, money, and even relationships could/would be strained. But this song spoke to me, telling me that no matter what happens, we are all safe in God’s loving arms. No one said it would be easy to weather the fiercest storms, but He will see us through and make us all better for it.

This song came back to me on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

For some unknown reason, I found myself in bitter tears. A song was running through my head: “In My Arms” by Plumb. It’s the song Joe and Elizabeth always played for Asha when she was upset. I looked up the lyrics online; the accompanying picture shows a mother holding a baby, and the lyrics are about keeping the child safe at all times. In bitter tears, I prayed to God and asked Him to keep me safe. I admitted that being retired scares me; the safety, security, and structure of having a job is now gone, and I am responsible for taking care of Wendi, the house, and even making best use of my own time.