Two Weird Dreams

July 8 & 19, 2020
Posted here March 8, 2022

I (Charlie) had two weird dreams during July, 2020, that appear in our Family Journal:

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Ending at 2:56 am

I had to have some teeth extracted due to some effect from the novel coronavirus. X-rays showed five rows of teeth, both on top and on bottom; they were numbered oddly, well above 100. The dentist told me that along with the extractions, he may add a #80 tooth at the far upper left to get “that bite,” whatever that meant.

Next, I was riding a bus home at night through weird sections of town; there were lots of hills. Beatles music was playing; it sounded more “off” rhythmically than normal. As I heard “Yellow Submarine,” I wanted to post on social media: “On the bus home, I realized something: the Beatles made gloriously weird music.” As I neared home on the bus, I gathered the rest of the album by scraping the crumbs off of dinner plates; the crumbs looked like bits of herbs or other plants. Then I woke up from the dream.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Just before 7:00 am

Just before waking up for the day, I had a weird dream about being at a gathering in a church (or maybe a large house) with Wendi. No one wore masks or were socially distant; I was aware of this in the dream (this was, to my knowledge, my first dream involving anything to do with COVID-19). At first, Wendi was sitting by herself in a far corner; I met her there for a bit but then crawled on my hands and knees on the floor to avoid close proximity with people’s faces in the crowd. I finally found Wendi, now slimmer and able-bodied, near a piano in another room. I wanted to play the piano, but the keyboard was up very high and the pedals were at floor level.

There was a small box with controls on it, almost Star Trek style, which could maybe bring the keyboard down to an appropriate level. I tried some of the controls; instead of fixing the piano problem, the box expanded and dumped some of its contents all over the place, and it was all our own stuff! Just then, someone started leading a congregational song which I didn’t recognize; most people sang along as I frantically tried to gather our things. “Let’s get out of here,” Wendi said, then kept after me to “get going” as I became more frustrated trying to gather the last of our things. Then I woke up.