Charlie’s Strange Dream

Sunday, May 24, 2015
Posted here March 11, 2022

I found this in the Family Journal. Though it was a dream, everything is true and correct except for the photo gallery and the bleachers.

Cloudy, gloomy, cooler, rainy day… still worn out from yesterday’s busy day, I napped upstairs from 3:22 until 5:22 pm.

Just before waking up from the nap, I had an unusual dream. I was at a photo gallery (or something like that) upstairs in a large building. It was about to close. I was telling someone about the busy day I had yesterday and the fact that I had done everything I intended to do except put in the air conditioner and move some of my stuff back downstairs. The question came up as to why I needed to move downstairs, so I explained that the upstairs room gets terribly hot in summer, and there is no easy way to put an air conditioner into the windows in that room. So why did I move up there in the first place? Now I had to explain that I had moved up there when we took Kenny in, and now I was telling them about Kenny and how he was released from prison on a compassionate release due to his illness, and then he died in our home after being on hospice. By now we (and a lot of other people) were headed downstairs because the gallery was closed, but the stairs were like bleachers in a sort of amphitheater.

I explained that he had been in prison on a life sentence for capital murder back in the ’80s, and a gentleman heard me say that he had been a really rough fellow. The man piped up with, “Did he ever accept the Lord as his Savior?” I told him yes, and tried to remember what year this had taken place; I said I thought it was ’79 or ’80, but after I woke up I realized that it was around 2000 in Tennessee. By now we were about halfway down the bleachers, and I woke up from the dream.