Wordplay 2015

Written January 23, 2015
Posted here March 11, 2022

This is mostly nonsense; I even used some words that are entirely made up.

Fancy schmancy, fun and frolic!
Mum’s depressed ’cuz babe has colic.
Sniffles, cough, and loads o’ fussin’—
Give that kid some Robitussin!
Advertising this is not.
Worse to bear when weather’s hot.

Frayva nosh awn gilded ween,
Mockta blurga in dem schpleen.
Mummy asks, “Where have you bean?”
“At the gym with Kayla Jean.”

How do you dispense with phlegm?
Play the Wii with Wendi M!
No effect, but lots of fun,
For she is my honey bun!

And with this verse my rhyme I finish,
In hopes your joy will not diminish.
I wrote another silly poem.
I’ll leave to you just where to stow ’em.
Up high, down low, or in between—
I call it Wordplay 2015.