Miscellaneous Events, 2022

First posted December 4, 2022
This is ongoing, so more may be added.

Our 2022 photo gallery includes photos of some of these events.

About the New Van

A local handyman, Jef Frost, built us a threshold ramp so Wendi can ride her motor chair out of the house, on August 16.

Our old van “died” near Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin on August 20, so we were without a vehicle until the new accessible van arrived on September 13. The first day we had the new van, I took Wendi to dinner at Cracker Barrel, then shopping at Woodman’s; this was her first time away from home in quite a while.

The old van was hauled away on September 27.

House and Yard

Our friend, Melanie Serafin, planted a tiny red maple tree in our back yard on July 14. I watered it nearly every day for this first year.

DeGarmo Plumbing replaced our old water pipes, which contained lead, with new copper pipes on October 14, under contract from the City (we paid nothing). The job required them to tear up our driveway, so they put down fresh gravel that day; cement was laid down while we were on our road trip in early November.

Our friend, Andy Topel, cleaned our gutters on November 9. I cleaned up the leaves for fall on November 10.

Special Events and Celebrations

“Christmas in July” for Joe, Elizabeth, and Asha: we hadn’t seen them “in person” since 2019, so we had intended to send their Christmas presents at Christmastime last year. We never got around to it, so we added birthday and Easter gifts to the mix and sent everything up in late July. They opened the presents sometime around (or just before) July 28.

October 16 was our 40th wedding anniversary. It was a quiet day at home, but I (Charlie) made a special meal and a peach upside down cake; we enjoyed the food.

Julie Salzman and Craig Sayre treated us to lunch at Brickhouse, a “pizza pub” in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin; after that, we attended the awards pizza party for bowling in Special Olympics, at nearby Rock River Lanes.

On Thanksgiving Day (November 24), Wendi and I had a quiet day at home with a small meal which included roast turkey breast. The next day (Friday, November 25), we had Julie and Craig over for a larger meal including ham.