Version 21 Progress, 2022

Posted January 29, 2022

The “new” version of this website, which actually opened in 2017, is still under construction but is coming along nicely.

After serving the site for about a year styled in a standard serif font (Iowan Old Style for Apple devices, Georgia for Windows) with sans-serif headings, I’ve restored the Charter font with an upgrade so it renders properly for everyone (January 19).

The solar eclipse pictures are now integrated into Oo’s Picture Place (January 21) as well as being linked to from the eclipse page in Oo’s Writings.

The old News Archive has been combined into Oo’s Writings as of January 22, though the original posts appear in the navigation under “News Archive.” At this writing (January 29), posts from 2002 through 2007 are still in the old format; original Oo’s Writings posts from 2002 through 2006 are also in the old format.*

(*UPDATE, 2/17/2022: Only September through December of 2004 and all of 2005 in Oo’s Writings remains in the old format.)

The folder name “4thdim” in Oo’s Writings was renamed “1975” to reflect the year the material was written; old links are automatically redirected.

There was a Site Information section still on the server (in Version 17); I restored that and brought it up to the new version, mainly because links from elsewhere still led to that section. I also restored several old pages in Web Design for the same reason, bringing them into the new version as well; those pages now have a paragraph at the top, declaring that they are outdated and appear for archival purposes only. The Site Information section got a new page, “The Oo Kingdom: Version 10 to Present,” to fill in more recent design history of our site; that page includes some screenshots of various versions, taken from files archived on my home computer.

An old page with pictures of our three original cats was found still on the server; I brought that page into the new version with a note at the top stating that the cats are all gone now, and the page is here for archival purposes. I’ve already linked to it from the “Meet Olivia” page in this section.