Charlie’s Music and Health Updates

Summer, 2021
Posted here March 8, 2022

Music Updates

Charlie Petitt (that’s me, using the stage name Kharlie M) reissued my first CD from 2007 entitled Umm… in February, 2021.

In June, 2021 I released my first new album in three years, entitled The Child in You (the last album was Come On, Kharlie M in 2018). I had to buy a new printer and a new standalone CD burner to ensure good quality on the CDs.

I began work on a remake of my 2011 Wedding Day album after that, completing the four original songs by July 11. Three new tracks will appear on the finished album.

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Health and Running Updates

On June 29, 2021, I was diagnosed with a right hip impingement producing pain and limited range of motion. It had been going on since earlier that month, and even a little before that. Strengthening and stretching helped, as well as walking and biking. I was able to do only a little running but managed to run the Arbor Ridge Trail Race (5-mile) on August 7, 2021 (see my post on