Charlie’s Music in 2014

Posted here April 15, 2022

Private Concert

Charlie played and sang for Norlen Meton at his home on Wednesday, June 18 (see details here).

New Stage Name

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Charlie was tired of people getting lost trying to find because they would misspell the last name as Pettit; the name also gets mispronounced. Since many performers use stage names, the idea occurred to him to misspell the first name on purpose, as Kharlie; this makes the h silent, so it is pronounced like the girl’s name Carly, making it more unusual. “Once you’ve seen this spelling,” he says, “you can’t get it out of your head!” The new website is, but the full stage name is Kharlie M, borrowing the middle initial of both Wendi and Joe, who have supported his music all along.

New Instrument

Ordered mandolin on December 11 from eBay; it arrived on Saturday, December 13 by FedEx. I had to buy new strings for it on Tuesday, December 16; the strings that came on it were old and oxidized, and one of the high E strings broke during tuning.

No Longer in a Band

Charlie left Pancake Riot on January 17, 2014, mainly because the band’s appearances most often conflicted with his work schedule. The senior band, Riverside Ramblers, broke up at the end of December, 2014.

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