Charlie’s Running in 2014

Posted here April 15, 2022

“Pup-sicle” 5K (and “Cat” Walk)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ran 3.02 miles in 29:47 (9:51/mile), 10:07 a.m.

Privately-organized event to raise funds for the Rock County Humane Society. Nice route in a quiet residential neighborhood. I stayed with the leading runners until after mile 2, when they lost me on a steep, snowy hill. Good thing I had directions! The snow let up for the run - only a few flurries. It was fun. There was hot chocolate and treats afterward. I met quite a few new runner friends at this event.

$157 in donations were collected today; more is on the way from people sending money in. Jacky Evans, who organized the event for her birthday, will buy items from the Humane Society’s wish list at Mounds Pet Warehouse and donate them in person.

Run Streak

Started run streak (running every day, at least one mile) on Memorial Day (May 26) and finished at the end of October, 159 days.

Races in 2014

Two races in 2014: one half marathon and one 10K.