Pancake Riot

Last Updated April 7, 2022

This section provides information on the acoustic folk-rock band Pancake Riot, from Janesville, Wisconsin (2013–2018). What follows is my original write-up on the band, with a few minor revisions.

Let me introduce to you a new band in town: Pancake Riot. Be careful not to confuse them with the Waffle Uprising, the Muffin Rebellion, the Bagel Revolt, or the French Toast Revolution. This shouldn’t be a problem, since I just made all of those up! Or how about the Granola Insurgence? (thanks to Ken Wagman for that one)

Pancake Riot is an indie acoustic folk-rock band from Janesville, Wisconsin. What makes them interesting is that each member of the band writes their own songs. The band plays nearly all original music, but occasionally they will do a cover song. So far they have played at several area coffee and donut shops, and their outreach is growing. They released their first album, entitled “Yours, Mine, & Ours,” on Bandcamp on April 11, 2014. Physical CDs arrived on April 15 and were made available at The Exclusive Company in Janesville, WI, on April 19.

The band went through numerous changes during the first half of 2014; see this Facebook post from June 30, 2014:

Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday. It was a blast. And thank you to anyone that has ever made time to come and see us, period. We appreciate you! Your support and kind words mean the world to us.

As of right now, Pancake is taking a break! People are coming and going so we’re going to slow down and figure some stuff out. So stay tuned! You’ll still be able to catch some of the members here and there at open mics and solo shows so keep on the look out and we’ll let you know who is where and what we’re doing!

Once again, thank you one and all. We’ll be back.

—Pancake Riot

After a “quiet” period, the band played again with just three members: Candace, Kat, and Robbie.