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A selection of our favorite recipes

I (Charlie) have been cooking since I was a teenager. My first experiences involved breakfast, when my mom was working third shift. Since Wendi and I have been married, I have done much of the cooking. Occasionally, she cooks the meals. Sometimes we work together in the kitchen, and these are the most enjoyable times.

In this section, you’ll find an assortment of our favorite recipes. Some of them are our own originals; others were passed down from Mom or gathered from other sources. Feel free to copy, use and distribute them as you wish. And most of all, enjoy!

(For the Kharlie M Special cappuccino, as well as other coffee recipes, see the Coffee section on Kharlie.com. There are more Kharlie M recipes on this page in Oo’s Writings.)

Metric Measurements

If you’re using metric measurements (which is probably true unless you’re in the United States), use these easy, approximate conversions. If you need something more precise, try our Calculators & Charts.

Metric equivalents for the kitchen
U.S. MeasureMetric Measure
One teaspoon5 milliliters
One tablespoon15 milliliters
1/4 cup60 milliliters
1/3 cup80 milliliters
1/2 cup120 milliliters
2/3 cup160 milliliters
3/4 cup180 milliliters
One cup240 milliliters
Oven temperature equivalents

A Few Words About Ingredients

High quality ingredients are essential to great results. That may mean more expensive but not necessarily so. Choose trusted brands for consistent results. This is not an advertisement, but here are a few of our favorites:

Brown Sugar
Most brands of brown sugar consist of finely granulated sugar to which molasses had been added. Use a pure cane sugar such as C & H® or Domino® for best results. You can actually smell the difference, and foods made with it have a smoother flavor. As for granulated or powdered sugar, there is little, if any, difference between brands.
Butter Flavor Crisco®
The stuff is great! We use it in pie crusts, baking and some frying, whenever ordinary shortening is called for.
Real dairy butter
Of course, everything bakes better with real dairy butter than with margarine, but if either the cost or the saturated fat bothers you, try a good stick margarine such as Imperial® or Blue Bonnet®. Soft spreads are thinner and break down easily, so they are not the best choice for baking.
Peanut butter
If you have a peanut allergy, or just want something different, you can generally substitute almond butter, cashew butter, or anything similar in most recipes. Sunflower butter is good in Asian dishes, as its taste is closer to peanut butter.

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