Miscellaneous Events, 2018

Posted here March 31, 2022

Charlie’s Health and Running

I (Charlie) had a nasty cold that resulted in Eustachian tube dysfunction in my ears, in March, 2018. Claritin-D helped.

I (Charlie) was diagnosed with rotator cuff impingement on Friday, August 3, 2018. Instructions: use ice/heat as needed, Naproxen twice daily for 2-4 weeks, reduce weight on lateral shoulder raises, thumbs upward. No high rows (I haven’t been doing this). Physical therapy if no improvement. He also gave me several exercises I can do.

I ran only two races in 2018, both 5K. See details at https://www.kharlie.com/running/2018. Plantar fasciitis halted running in November; over-the-counter insoles solved the problem in December.

Van Repairs

New Kitchen Gadget

Used new cake pop maker first time to make cinnamon donut holes, Saturday, August 11, 2018.