Have Baster, Will Travel [December 23, 2007]
Finally, armed with a cup of boiling water and a turkey baster, we were able to loosen and open the car doors.
Yes, There is a Cindy Claus [December 21, 2007]
Just after the start of my shift last night, Cindy, the store manager, came to me and handed me an envelope.
Charlie and Wendi Both Ill [December 19, 2007]
We both walked out of the office with identical prescriptions. “It’s probably the same bug,” he said.
Charlie in the Emergency Room [December 19, 2007]
At about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, while driving home from shopping at Wal-Mart, I (Charlie) experienced chest pains accompanied by pain near the right jaw.
Joe Comes Home for the Holidays [December 18, 2007]
Wendi and I got up at 6 a.m. so we could drive to Rochester, Minnesota to pick up Joe at college and bring him home for Christmas.
Cats See the Vet; Shadow Comes Home [December 18, 2007]
Shadow passed her last exam on December 14, and they did her rabies shot. We took her home after 9 a.m.
Shadow in Quarantine [December 5, 2007]
Shadow, our 4-year-old female cat, freaked and bit Wendi hard on the chin at 12:45 p.m. Tuesday, apparently for no reason.
Just in the Nick of Time [November 18, 2007]
The words of the not-yet-popular song by (guess who?) rang in my ears as I hurriedly raked leaves last Thursday afternoon.
What Sydney is Doing to Santa [November 16, 2007]
What will they think of next?
All Is Quiet in the House of Oo [November 14, 2007]
Wendi and I are living alone together for the first time since we bought the house…
Version 14 Unveiled [November 13, 2007]
Well, the new edition of The Oo Kingdom (Version 14) is now online…
Site Makeover in Progress [November 3, 2007]
The Oo Kingdom will get a presentation makeover. Plans for Version 14 at this point (subject to change)…
Standard CD Now Available [October 30, 2007 MySpace blog post]
My CD is now available in a standard edition (full retail packaging and labeling)…
A Brilliant 25th Anniversary [October 21, 2007 MySpace blog post]
Wendi and I had a brilliant 25th wedding anniversary. The actual day was Tuesday, October 16… On Saturday we had our open house at the church… At 3 p.m. I gave an hour-long concert in the church sanctuary…
New CD Released; Two Sent to Europe; Charlie to Do Concert [October 10, 2007]
…the new self-titled CD… went online at charliepetitt.com this morning… two music directors—one in Italy and one in England—have requested the CD… Charlie will share his original songs in concert… on Saturday, October 20…
Rainiest Month Ever! [August 31, 2007]
August, 2007 went into the record books as the rainiest month ever in Janesville, Wisconsin (as is true with much of the surrounding area).
A Difficult, Crazy Week [August 31, 2007]
  • Last Saturday (August 25) we took our son, Joe, to Crossroads College…
  • Wendi’s uncle passed away Sunday night…
  • Adding to the mix, two of our cats began fighting…
  • On top of all of this…
  • Now here’s the kicker…
Charlie’s Music to be Released to Radio [August 22, 2007]
I am preparing to release two songs to radio and do not like the sound of the current edition. Despite much effort, the June/July release sounds no better than the local April release, perhaps worse in fact.
Graduation, Vacation and a Wedding [August 20, 2007]
  • Joe graduated from high school this spring…
  • Wendi, Joe and I had a nice vacation in July…
  • A friend of the family was married on August 18…
Joe’s Nose Surgery and Charlie’s Music CD [April 8, 2007]
  • Joe underwent surgery to repair the deviated septum…
  • …the long-awaited CD entitled Umm… is entirely finished now…
Latest Site Additions [January 22, 2007]
  • Additions and revisions in food section
  • Additions in humor section
  • One new section added to the site
Catching Up — May 2006 to January 2007 [January 13, 2007]
  • Charlie: Eye treatments; death of an aunt; music CD completed
  • Wendi: Tests for Huntington’s; cataract surgery; fall in December
  • Joe: CIY summer trip; fall and winter illnesses
  • Cats: All four doing well
  • Family: Hosted youth groups; Holidays; memorable year to come