Umm! Textured Backgrounds

For an explanation of “Umm”, see our Umm’s Colors page.

This page is all about background images for Web pages. You can also use the images as wallpaper if you like.

I visited and didn’t like their background images. I prefer a plain-color, textured background. So I made my own, using Windows Paint, Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Netscape’s GIF Lube utility (which is no longer available). They are very small files, 2.3 kilobytes or less.

The problem with background images is that they can make the page text difficult to read. These are light enough (or dark enough), and low enough on contrast, to avoid this problem.

Below are 12 images. Feel free to copy any, all or none of them and use them as you wish.

Light color backgrounds (use dark text, preferably black)

Desert Sand  Pink  Sky Blue  Yellow  Light Green  Snow

Dark color backgrounds (use light text, preferably white)

Maroon  Purple  Royal Blue  Brown  Meadow Green  Stormy Grey

Whenever you use a background image on a Web page, it’s a good idea to use a background color as well, so if your image doesn’t load, the page will at least be the right color. I have provided equivalent colors in Hex codes below:

Desert Sand: #dfcc93
Pink: #ffc6d7
Sky Blue: #70ffff
Yellow: #ffff80
Light Green: #a0ffa0
Snow: #eeeeee
Maroon: #900000
Purple: #700060
Royal Blue: #1111a5
Brown: #804000
Meadow Green: #006400
Stormy Grey: #4c4c4c