About Oo, Ummamum & Our New Site

Friday, November 16, 2001

What has become
of the Ummamum?

A poor attempt at poetry, perhaps, but a pertinent question indeed. A lot has changed on our website. Let me clue you in on some of the details:

With the name of the main site changed from Ummamum’s World to The Oo Kingdom, of course the Ummamum Guy had to leave our Home page. This, plus the new, taller title logos, upset the design of the page (at least the top part), so I had to redo the layout.

To compensate that poor Ummamum for his loss, we expanded the Ummamum’s Surprise page to include his face on it, plus a link to Ummamum’s World, which is the section of our site that used to be called The Umm Files. Are you with me so far?

Then we put an “Ummamum’s Surprise” link on all of our Oo Kingdom main menus. Now you can call up the Ummamum from anywhere on the main site!

To show to the world that Ummamum is not dead, we added a new page to Ummamum’s World. The Almanac on the cover page has also been updated a little.

Of course, we couldn’t use the scenic logos and links for Ummamum’s World any more, since we reworked them for use on The Oo Kingdom. So there’s a new maroon colored sectional logo on Ummamum’s World instead. It bears the sub-title, “A World Apart From the Ordinary”, which fits the section to a T.

Now for the Oo:

  1. Home page logos, menu link images and the blue “The Oo Kingdom” links (used on home pages of satellite sites) were converted from the old ones.

  2. The font has been changed to Georgia for the text and Verdana for the headings (and the fine print menus in the Just for Laughs section). Only the Ummamum’s Surprise pop-up page uses the original font.

  3. I tried making new background images for the pages, but they made the text harder to read, so I removed them and used plain color backgrounds instead, except for Ummamum’s World, where the old blue background is used on most pages.

  4. The site news page is no longer a pop-up but a regular page.

  5. About Our Family was updated a bit.

  6. A new page about search engines was added to the Web Design section.

    (That page was removed in 2021, as it was grossly outdated.)

Well, that’s about it. Hope you enjoy the new site!