More Ummamum Stuff

Beginning November 16, 2001

This page was introduced when the Oo Kingdom finally opened on November 16, 2001. The first three items were included when this page was first published. The other items were added later.

Ummamum Disagrees…

Instead of saying “uh-uh” when he disagrees with you, the Ummamum Guy says (with his upper teeth over his lip, of course) “muh-muh”—as in, “Muh-muh! It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!”

Ummamum’s Sad…

Wendi invented another doozy this month. “Ummamum’s sad,” she announced. Then she put her upper teeth out over her lower lip—and made a sad face.

This can be very effective—Wendi managed to get me to buy her some cheese curds last week with that face!

Of course, it naturally follows that more Ummamum faces can be made. Just stick those upper teeth out and try to look appalled, or surprised, or happy. It’s your call!

Ummamum Has a Bad Cold

Do you know what happens when an Ummamum gets a bad cold?
His doze gets all stuffy, and he can’t ubbabub adybore!

Ummamum Fan Art

Matt Smith, one of our loyal visitors, sent me this Ummamum drawing that he made on January 2, 2002. It reminds me of an ancient Egyptian mummamum!

Matt's Ummamum

April 3, 2002 — Joe and I like to watch Jackie Chan Adventures on Kids’ WB. On the show, there are 12 talismans, each possessing a magical power. So Joe drew a picture of an Ummamum Talisman!

Ummamum Talisman