Joe’s Ummamum Drawings

Summer & Autumn, 2000

My son, Joe, did all of the computer art for the Ummamum Guys. I have since done some editing on the images, but always with Joe at my side to assist me or to give a second opinion.

Joe’s first Ummamum drawings were done by hand. At age twelve, he is already becoming an accomplished cartoon artist, as you can see from his work. The first drawing, shown below, was originally posted on June 17, 2000.

Digimon I Have Invented

I made a Digimon specially for this site. I call him…

UmmaMummamon drawing


What, you may ask, is a “U Blaster?” He shoots the “U” off of his stomach at the enemy!

Vacant Stare is the really stupid look he gets sometimes.

And the Teeth Attack is when he puts his teeth over his bottom lip and says “Umma-mumma-mum!”
Hear the Ummamum sound

Be thankful, he does not take up 20 Gigabytes here!

Green Ummamum drawing

Joe drew this green Ummamum in the autumn of 2000. It was discovered in a bunch of papers at home on August 7, 2001, and was first published with Ummamum’s Kingdom Version 14 (September 3, 2001).

The original Ummamum guy on our website had black eyes with white pupils. One day, Joe looked at the image and said, “He looks like he’s out for vengeance!” So we gave him dark goldenrod eyes, black pupils, and whites.

Joe objected again: “Now he just stares at you with those beady eyes!” That’s when I was hit with a spark of genius (a rare event for me). I decided to animate the image! Now he blinks and gazes off to the side. Look for him on our Ummamum’s World cover page.

Blue Ummamum drawing

December 13, 2001 — This is our latest discovery. We’ve known about him for a while but have been afraid to tell you about him. He’s a blue Ummamum, and we think he’s evil. See the skull and crossbones? He’s poisonous. And he’s a “virus type Digimon”, too, as you can see from the key at the bottom.

Somehow two anime shows have gotten mixed together: the jacket in the upper left, bearing the letter R, belongs to none other than Team Rocket, the bumbling villains from Pokémon!