A Plethora of Ummamums

December 27, 2002

Cambridge International Dictionary of English defines plethora as “a very large amount of something, especially a larger amount than you need, want or can deal with.” And in case you didn’t know, the accent is on the first syllable: PLETH-o-ra.

I seriously thought that our Ummamum section was complete with the 20th Anniversary page. Then still more new Ummamum stuff came to be, thanks to my wife (Wendi) and my son (Joe)!

Talk Like an Ummamum

So far, we had only done the “umma-mumma-mum” thing with the upper teeth sticking out over the lower lip. Wendi has taken the concept one step further by talking in complete sentences that way! Of course, Joe and I have tried it too. It looks and sounds goofy enough to be hilarious! But don’t do it for very long, or you’ll end up with a sore jaw.

The Ummamum Dance

This one is Joe’s invention… and it drives Wendi up the wall! This is how it’s done: hop on your right foot while kicking the left leg to the side. Then hop on the left foot while kicking the right leg to the side. Repeat several times while doing “umma-mumma-mum” continuously. Three or four seconds of this will be all it takes before someone yells, “ENOUGH!”

The Ummamum Cuckoo Clock

November 16, 2002

Joe dreamed up this one too. Imagine a cuckoo clock featuring an Ummamum face instead of the little bird. When it strikes the hour, the face pops out and says, “Um-mum! Um-mum! Um-mum!”

The Shivering Ummamum

November 21, 2002

Wendi demonstrated for us what happens when an Ummamum gets cold: it shivers in a series of rapid, toothy “umms!”

Father Ummamum

December 3, 2002

Joe developed a bad habit of calling Wendi “Mother” in a tone that sounded disrespectful. One day when Wendi tried to get him to stop, he replied with “I suppose I could call him”—he pointed to me—“Father Ummamum.” Without hesitation, I put my upper teeth out and in a solemn voice said, “Bless you, my son.” Joe paused a moment and then said, “Now that’s scary.”