Adopt an Ummamum

Original images by young Joe Petitt
(last two modified by Charlie Petitt)

This page was inspired by the many Digimon and Pokémon adoption pages we’ve seen on the Internet. The object of these adoptions was to display them on your own Web page as a link to our site. In the early 2000s, a lot of people did this sort of thing, but not anymore. These images remain here for archival purposes.

All Digimon start out as a Digi-egg, so we’ve done the same with our Ummamums.

Umm Digi-egg

Umm Digi-egg


Ummymon - Baby


UmmMon - In Training


UmmamumMon - Rookie

UmmaMummamon (arms outstretched)

UmmaMummamon - Champion

Our familiar Ummamum Guy is based on this one.

UmmaMummamon (arms at sides)

UmmaMummamon - Champion

A variation of the original.

Ummamon with Umm Armor (two images)

Ummamon - Co-championUmm Armor - Helps him digivolve to co-champion form

These two images belong together. The armor is required to help him digivolve to this co-champion form.


MetalUmmaMummamon - Ultimate


WarUmmaMummamon - MEGA

Ummamum Guy (gazes left)

Ummamum Guy

Ummamum Guy (gazes right)

Ummamum Guy