The object of these adoptions is to display them on your own Web page as a link to our site. If you adopt any of our Ummamums, please contact me with your URI (for example, When I find your Ummamum online, I’ll link to your page from this one. However, I won’t link to “adult only” sites, or sites that promote drugs, alcohol, gambling, hate, violence or other objectionable things. I don’t imagine that anyone running such a site would want one of our Ummamums anyway, but there’s the exception.

To conserve bandwidth and ensure that your page loads quickly, please do not link to the image on our server. Instead, save the image from this page and publish it to the same directory your Web page is in. Use the snippet of XHTML provided with the image; it contains a link to Ummamum’s World. Any of the following variations are acceptable and will work fine:

  1. If your page is written in regular HTML (as most are) instead of XHTML, just omit the space and trailing slash after the height attribute at the end of the <img> tag.
  2. You may put the image and link inside of a paragraph or a table cell, or format it however you like, as long as both the image and link are in there.
  3. Add the name of the Ummamum you adopted (in text) if you like. Wrap the text in a heading tag (such as h2 or make it bold or italic or whatever you like.
  4. You may want to add border="0" to the img tag so your Ummamum doesn’t get displayed with a border around it (unless you like it that way; that’s OK too).
  5. You may put the image in a different directory than your Web page is in. If so, please be sure that your <img src…> points to the proper directory. Otherwise the image will appear broken online.

All Digimon start out as a Digi-egg, so we’ve done the same with our Ummamums.

Umm Digi-egg

Umm Digi-egg

<a href=""><img src="umm_egg.gif" alt="Umm Digi-egg" width="154" height="171" /></a>


Ummymon - Baby

<a href=""><img src="ummymon14.gif" alt="Ummymon - Baby" width="154" height="206" /></a>


UmmMon - In Training

<a href=""><img src="ummmon.gif" alt="UmmMon - In Training" width="191" height="171" /></a>


UmmamumMon - Rookie

<a href=""><img src="ummamummon14.gif" alt="UmmamumMon - Rookie" width="240" height="386" /></a>

UmmaMummamon (arms outstretched)

UmmaMummamon - Champion

Our familiar Ummamum Guy is based on this one.

<a href=""><img src="UmmaMummamon14.gif" alt="UmmaMummamon - Champion" width="245" height="410" /></a>

UmmaMummamon (arms at sides)

UmmaMummamon - Champion

A variation of the original.

<a href=""><img src="UmmaMummamon14a.gif" alt="UmmaMummamon - Champion" width="184" height="410" /></a>

Ummamon with Umm Armor (two images)

Ummamon - Co-championUmm Armor - Helps him digivolve to co-champion form

Please display these two images together as seen here. The armor is required to help him digivolve to this co-champion form.

<a href=""><img src="ummamon.gif" alt="Ummamon - Co-champion" width="397" height="340" /><img src="ummarmor.gif" alt="Umm Armor - Helps him digivolve to co-champion form" width="276" height="263" /></a>


MetalUmmaMummamon - Ultimate

<a href=""><img src="MetalUmm.gif" alt="MetalUmmaMummamon - Ultimate" width="283" height="440" /></a>


WarUmmaMummamon - MEGA

<a href=""><img src="WarUmmaMummamon.gif" alt="WarUmmaMummamon - MEGA" width="266" height="488" /></a>

Ummamum Guy (gazes left)

Ummamum Guy

<a href=""><img src="umm_left.gif" alt="Ummamum Guy" width="154" height="148" /></a>

Ummamum Guy (gazes right)

Ummamum Guy

<a href=""><img src="umm_right.gif" alt="Ummamum Guy" width="154" height="148" /></a>