19th Anniversary Page

October 16, 2001

Here’s an interesting take on Chef Emeril Lagasse’s famous saying, “I said to myself, ‘SELF…’ ” (if you watch Emeril Live on Food Network, you’ll know what I mean):

From: "Charlie Petitt"
To: <webmaster@ookingdom.com>
Subject: New Umm page
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2001 11:24 PM

I think we need a new page on Ummamum's World. It should contain some of the weird stuff we've been doing lately. For example:

Umma-mumma-mum! Mmm! Mmm!
Ummamum Kisses
Ummamum Snoring (Wendi made up)
The "Hmmm" thing

Well? What of it?

Visit our family website:
The Oo Kingdom

As you may have already guessed, I emailed myself here. Yes, this was an actual e-mail; I was testing the automatic forwarding (webmaster@ookingdom.com was not a valid address, but I received it at my regular address instead).

I said all of that only to say this: I followed my own advice and created this page. But I added an extra twist: October 16 is our 19th wedding anniversary—Wendi’s and mine, that is. And Wendi has often wondered why there was never a female Ummamum on the site, but only that silly green guy! Enough said; my newest creations appear on this page.

Crazy New Ummamum Stuff

Bouncy Ummamums

I have a new thing I do now. I say “Umma-mumma-mum! Mmm! Mmm!” in a sort of bouncy, singsong tone. I made a sound clip of this; it’s an MP3 file that will play on most media players.
Play the Bouncy Ummamum sound clip

Ummamum Kisses

Sometimes when we’re goofy (and that happens a lot), we kiss like the Ummamum, with our upper teeth out. But if you try this at home, be careful; you can click each other’s teeth!

Ummamum Snoring

Wendi invented this one, and I must admit that she does it better than I do. You make a snoring sound with your upper teeth out; then on the exhale, you do a series of rapid “umms.”
Play the Ummamum Snoring sound clip


Another goofy thing I do is this: with the upper teeth out, I say “Hmm?” at the end of a question, such as “How’s it going this morning, hmm? Whatcha gonna do today, hmm?”
Play the “Hmm?” sound clip

Now for the good stuff…

Ummamum Couple

You can now view the page I made for Wendi last year. It was never published before until now!

All foolishness aside, I Love You, Wendi Mmm, and I always will. I sincerely hope that the years to come are as full of love and happiness as the past 19 have been.

Both now and always,