First Ummamum Poem

July 26, 2000

Ummamum Guy

Sometimes when I’m silly, I say “Ummamum,”
And some think I’m crazy or maybe just dumb;
But really I think they just don’t understand—
So far it’s okay, but this line doesn’t rhyme.

Now what was I saying? Oh yes! it is this,
This Ummamum’s meaning is easy to miss.
You may think it’s vulgar or even uncouth,
But really it isn’t (I’m telling the truth!).

In times of despair, I don’t know what to say,
And all has gone wrong that could go wrong that day;
I’m out of control—I just say “Ummamum,”
You’ve got to admit—it beats sucking your thumb!

It’s almost like saying “Whatever!” you see,
But not quite as rude or annoying to me;
It’s more like resigning to powers above,
To God up in Heaven, who looks down in love.

Though some things in life may seem out of control,
The Lord knows the future, the mind and the soul.
To Him it’s not all in disorder—He sees
That squeak in your voice and that knock in your knees.

When life overwhelms you and you’re going nuts,
You simply can’t take it; you’re losing your guts,
Stick out your front teeth (but first spit out your gum),
Then look to the heavens and say “Ummamum!”