The Nin-Nin Girl

February 4, 2003

This was a dream I had during the early morning hours on December 6, 2002. I didn’t publish this page, however, until today.

Wendi, Joe and some friends (I don’t know who they were) spent several hours walking through a large public area—perhaps it was a theme park or something. Late in the afternoon, our conversation turned to the subject of emergency preparedness and planning.

“I think I’m pretty well set,” one of our friends said. “Whatever comes my way, I believe I’m prepared to handle it.” He went on to describe some of the advance preparation measures he had taken.

By now we had entered an empty stadium, perhaps for football or baseball or maybe track. Anyway, it was large, with an enormous grandstand. We climbed up the grandstand about halfway and sat down.

“I don’t know,” I said to my friend, “if one can ever be fully prepared for whatever might happen. I like to think that I’m ready for ‘normal’ disasters like tornadoes and stuff, but what would I do if”—I gazed up at the sky—“if, for instance, a giant bird swooped down from the sky and attacked me?”

It didn’t take long to learn the answer to my question, for within about three seconds a dark shadow could be seen in the sky, approaching us. Only a few more seconds passed before I realized that it was, in fact, a giant bird of some sort, and it was flying directly toward me at a furious rate of speed! Instinctively, I ducked my head, covered it with my hands and prepared for the worst.

The worst never happened. Several seconds later I felt a gentle stirring at my side as the creature landed softly beside me and brushed up against me. Then a voice said, “I’ve been listening to you guys; I know everything you’ve been saying.”

Without realizing whom I was speaking to, I replied, “How? Can you prove it?”

Without hesitation, the voice replied: “Umma-mumma-mum.”

I was flabbergasted. Slowly I opened my eyes to see a bird’s beak shrink back to form a human nose—a girl’s nose. She was about sixteen years old, perhaps five-foot-seven and rather slender in build, and quite pretty. And obviously, she was a shape-shifter!

Hearing her say the Ummamum in that soft, sweet voice had piqued my curiosity. Now I wanted to know who (or what) she was, where she came from and why she had taken enough interest in us to learn about the Ummamum. So many questions… so little time! As I tried to approach her to ask, several other people who had seen her land, also approached her and crowded me out.

Behind us was a door leading into a tavern. The girl walked through the door without anyone questioning her age. People were talking to her and telling her how remarkable she was. Finally I was able to ask the girl where she came from, but the only reply she would give me was “the Nin-Nin tribe,” or something like that. After that, I woke up from the dream.