News Archive: September 2003

The Perfect 10?

Posted September 2, 2003

The newest version of The Oo Kingdom probably won’t be perfect, only much better and more modern than the previous one. Still under construction, the new design will only appear on the Home page until the completion of the primary domain (, which includes A Heavenly Ummamum and The House of Oo.

September 4, 2003

Joe holding Shadow

A number of additions to the site are planned once the new version is complete. Among them are some recent photos of Shadow, our kitten. Joe is seen holding her in this snapshot, taken just last night.

Our Family page has just been updated, so it now appears in the new version, complete with brand-new photos of each of us.

Our current Web hosting company is doing an excellent job in terms of server dependability, customer service and low price. A link to their site now appears at the bottom of our Home page.

September 8, 2003

Petitt’s Creations has received a design upgrade, and some photos from the September 2003 Craft Show have been posted as well.

September 13, 2003

Wendi holding Sunny

Yesterday we got another kitten. A family in Janesville had several of them to give away. We chose a long-haired, orange-colored male. Wendi is seen here, holding the new kitten, which we named Sunny.

Shadow was not happy when we brought him home. She growled and hissed vehemently at the new arrival, as if to say—in the words of a friend of Wendi’s—“You let an alien into my house!” We are told that it may take a couple of weeks before the two kittens get along with each other.

Already this morning, Sunny had to be taken to the vet. He was crying and wouldn’t walk on his right front paw. Wendi feared that Shadow may have attacked him in the night, but the doctor said that wasn’t the case. Apparently he had jumped down, landed wrong and fractured his right wrist. They gave him a splint that he will need to wear for three weeks. They also gave him his first distemper shot.

So far, our new “free” kitten has cost us $93.68. Oh well; such is life.

September 14, 2003

After reading up on the problems associated with XHTML and its lack of proper support among mainstream browsers (including the popular Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows), and after much discussion and consideration, I have decided to convert our entire site to HTML 4.01 Strict, effective with the completion of The Oo Kingdom Version 10. So far this page and the Family page are already converted. I will explain my reasons for doing this later in an article in Web Design. The change in markup will not affect the appearance of the site in any way.

Craft site in new (old) markup
4:25 p.m. CDT

Just finished converting Petitt’s Creations to HTML 4.01 Strict.

Shadow is beginning to warm up to Sunny already. She stays near him for longer periods now and will occasionally nudge him or try to groom him. But after prolonged contact, she still gets agitated and growls at him.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Another Fractured Web Page
Posted at 11:30 p.m. Sunday

I found this on The CSS Text Size Conundrum:

Netscape 4 (Windows) uses a funny algorithm that results in unpredictable results.

This sounds totally stupid! I never noticed it before, though it has been on that page from its creation. I changed it to read thusly:

Netscape 4 (Windows) uses a funny algorithm that yields unpredictable results.

If ever you find anything that stupid on this site again, please inform me so I can save months of embarrassment.

(NOTE, 2/3/2022: That page was taken down in 2021 as obsolete.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Peaceful Coexistence—Almost

September 15, 2003 was the day our two kittens started to warm up to each other.

New Satellite Site

It isn’t even on some of the menus yet, but Joe has a new satellite site called Bass’s Dimension. The site, devoted to the Megaman Battle Network games for Nintendo systems, is still under initial construction but already features an RPG.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Changes, Changes…
5:20 p.m. CDT

First, the big news: Joe’s Portal is no longer part of the Oo Kingdom; Joe has his very own top-level domain now. It’s about time.

NOTE: Joe’s site went offline in October 2007, and the domain was sold to a reseller.

Second, a few old sections have been deleted from our picture gallery, partly due to privacy concerns.

Third, our new kitten’s name is Sunny, not Sunshine. The name has been corrected on all of our pages on which it occurs.

The Oo Kingdom is still under major construction (in case you haven’t noticed), so if you find something that is broken (like the IE float bug on the Family page—try hovering on the Joe’s Portal link), please be patient as I attempt to fix the mess I’ve made.