Music, Cats and Wendi’s Health

Posted Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We took Joe back to college in Rochester on January 7. So far he is doing well.

Charlie sang two new songs, “Benefits” and “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” at Rock Haven Nursing Home on January 8, and everyone who heard was delighted. He sang “Benefits” during Sunday worship on January 13, and everyone loved it.

Wendi saw Dr. Erwin Montgomery in Madison on January 9. The doctor found no evidence of Huntington’s disease but there were some Parkinsonian symptoms caused by one of her medications. This is not the actual Parkinson’s disease, but merely side effects of the medicine, which has been increased since last visit. She has since discussed this with the prescribing doctor, who promptly took her off of the medication.

Wendi put an ad in the newspaper to see if someone could take Nermal, our fourth cat (city ordinance forbids owning more than three cats). On January 11, a family from Milton—a woman and her two grown-up daughters—came to see Nermal. They loved her; they wanted her; they took her. Wendi spoke with the new owner on January 23; Nermal is doing well—in fact, so well that she is dominating the owner’s two male cats!

To date we have been unable to reunite Shadow with the other two cats. If she is brought near the other cats, Sunny and Stormy will both hiss at her, and Sunny will sometimes attack her. Shadow remains a bedroom cat for now; she is very sweet and affectionate as long as she is kept away from the other cats.

Wendi developed severe neck pain radiating into her right arm in late January. She has been to the emergency room twice for it (January 25 and 28) and has followed up with her neurologist, who prescribed a 14-day course of prednisone for the pain and inflammation. An MRI scan was done on February 1, and she will discuss it with her doctor on the 8th.