Site Makeover Goes Live

Friday, July 16, 2010

Not an extreme makeover this time; most of the changes are in a single document, a stylesheet that controls the visual presentation of the site, so the layout and typography are somewhat different. The logo at the top of this page is new, as is the cloudy background surrounding the content area. Only a few pages needed tiny tweaks to their source codes. We have moved from Version 18 only to Version 18.01.

My eldest brother, Jim Petitt, passed away on Thursday, July 8, from cancer. I have dedicated this revision of the site to him as the Jim Petitt Memorial Edition.

As the site is currently still in three (!) different versions (Version 17, with green textured background, and Version 16, in orange and tan, in addition to this one), lots of pages still need to be converted. On top of this, much material needs updating: our family pictures, for example, are from 2007, and the links page hasn’t been updated in nearly two years! Much of the Web Design section is so outdated that it will likely disappear. This is only the beginning. Work will be ongoing for quite some time, as I will also be pursuing music along with normal daily cares. (Eventually, too, these posts will find their way into the Journal, where they really belong.)

Update, July 20: Posts now appear in the Journal as intended; any posts on the Home page now contain permalinks to the Journal entries.